As licensed attorneys we are required to understand the basics of all kinds of law, however, like most attorneys, we concentrate and specialize certain legal topics, often referred to as practice areas.  Many practice areas overlap, and include elements of one or more other practice areas.  We provide legal services for additional legal practice areas (e.g. tax, pre-litigation research, prenupital agreements ) on a case by case basis.  f


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Real Estate Law


Real estate is a multifaceted legal discipline often spanning various aspects of contract law, property law, leasing, development, business law, and other legal fields.  Drawing upon the knowledge and experience gained throughout four generations, we provide sound advice and guidance concerning transactions of all sizes and degrees of complexity.

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Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts)


Estate Planning is a strategy intended to accomplish several or more objectives.  In it simplest form, it is designating what you want to give to whom when you pass away.  Typically, a Will is the instrument designed for that purpose.  Estate Planning, however, can accomplish much more than just that of a simple Will.  Estate Planning can help maintain someone’s financial security, simplify the transfer of property to loved ones, avoid court-supervision of an estate (probate), avoid estate taxes and other expenses, manage unique family circumstances, and much more.  
Preparing an Estate Plan is rarely difficult or expensive, yet the benefits of having established one can be important and beneficial.   Regardless of your financial situation, the costs of preparing an Estate Plan almost always outweigh the costs of having none.

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Small Business


Having a trusted attorney to help prevent legal problems from occurring in the first place is one of the smartest moves of any successful business.  But more than just attorneys, we are business partners you can trust with your most sensitive and pressing issues.  Whether just starting a new venture or operating your business day to day, our business savvy will help you identify opportunities, minimize risks, protect your business interests, and achieve your goals. 

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