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Chicago Real Estate lawyer

Residential Real Estate


Single Family Homes, Condominiums, and Co-Ops


Navigating the real estate process and making smart decisions in a fast-paced, complex and competitive market can be a formidable endeavor.  As zealous client advocates, real estate experts, and savvy negotiators, we ensure that you are kept abreast of important details, properly assess situations, and are able to make informed decisions.  Our superior industry knowledge and experience has been hard-earned through a persistent search for excellence over many decades.  From negotiating the contract through closing, we want you to feel comfortable with the process and know what to expect.

Problematic and complex transactions are our specialty. 

Through dedicated researching, planning, structuring, and negotiating, we are able to find innovative solutions to overcome obstacles in problematic and complex transactions.  We’re addicted to the professional satisfaction that comes after the achievement of the problematic, the difficult, and the complex.  We relish the opportunity to show what we can really do.          

Having real estate brokers’s licenses ourselves, we have a comprehensive perspective on real estate beyond that of a traditional law firm.  We offer a seamless interaction with your real estate broker to accomplish your sale or purchase.     

Call or email us to set up a no cost consultation.  We’d be happy to explain the entire process from listing agreement to closing.    


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