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All businesses encounter certain legal matters, such as questions about choosing a legal entity type, complying with regulations, or drafting contracts.  The specific legal obligations and risks often are dependent on your specific type of business.  By learning about our clients’ businesses, operations, and industries, we are able to strategically plan with our clients to anticipate problems before they occur. 


Business Entity Selection and Formation
At the legal heart of any business venture is the business entity.  There are many choices to select from and your entity choice will determine the amount of taxes that need to be paid, your personal exposure for business liabilities, the ongoing administration requirements for the business, and more.  The specific type of entity you need can differ depending on your specific goals, circumstances, and your need to raise money.  Choices of entity type include:           

•    Limited Liability Company

•    Limited Liability Company - Series
•    Corporation - Sub-chapter S
•    Corporation - Sub-chapter C
•    Professional Corporation
•    Limited Partnership
•    Limited Liability Partnership     
•    Limited Liability Limited Partnership   
•    Joint Ventures
•    Partnership
•    Sole Proprietorship


Business Entity Governance
The business entity formation process also entails setting forth the rights and obligations of the owners and the management of the business.  The percentages of ownership, the management rights, the rights to sell, and many issues are addressed and tailored to your specific circumstances and goals.

•    Operating Agreements
•    Corporate Books
•    Shareholders Agreements
•    Partnership Agreements
•    Joint Venture Agreements

•    Ownership Agreements
•    Buy-out Agreements
•    Dissolution Agreements


Contractual Agreements
Entering into contracts is an every day occurrence for business.  Whether renting space, buying supplies, selling products, providing services, or untold other things, every business owes it existence, in some fashion, to its contracts and agreements.  We create, review, and revise all types of agreements with the intent of making sure that you end up with the certainty that a legally binding agreement which accomplishes your intended goals and minimizes your liabilities provides.       

•    Business Sales and Purchases
•    Asset Purchase Agreements
•    Stock Purchase Agreements
•    Commercial Leasing
•    Equipment Leasing        
•    Import Agreements
•    International Business Agreements
•    Franchise Agreements
•    Confidentiality Agreements
•    Management Agreements
•    Employment Agreements
•    Employment Manuals
•    Investor Subscription Agreements    
•    Independent Contractor Agreements
•    Non-Disclosure Agreements
•    Non-Compete Agreements
•    Letters of Intent
•    Joint Venture Agreements
•    Buy-Sell Agreements
•    Service Contracts
•    Liability Waivers


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